In response to the overflowing love of God, Redeemer Lutheran Church is a community of God's people gathered to worship, learn, and minister to the needs of those in and beyond the congregation. Working toward these purposes, we are called to share His love and invite others to Christ.

Call Committee News

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Our Primary Pastoral Candidate has committed to the Call of Redeemer Lutheran Church! The Call Committee and the Executive Council met with the Primary Candidate on Friday evening, August 24th to discuss any further questions the Candidate, Executive Council or Call Committee members might of have needed answering. The Executive Council and Call Committee members are completely satisfied that this is the pastoral candidate for Redeemer Lutheran Church. The remainder of the meeting was to discuss and accept the Compensation Package for the candidate. This was accomplished.

Throughout this process, our Call Committee has followed the SC Synod Call Process. The next step in the process will be for the Primary Candidate to meet with Church Council along with the Call Committee to have conversation with the candidate and for the Church Council to vote on the candidate and the Compensation Package. Once that occurs, there will be a “Meet and Greet” with the Congregation, the Candidate and their family prior to having a Congregational meeting. At the Congregational meeting, there will be a vote on accepting the Candidate and their Compensation Package. Then there will be an official Letter of Call to the pastor for them to officially accept our call to Redeemer Lutheran Church. When all this is accomplished, the Candidate will tentatively start middle to late October as the new Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Doug Logan – Call Committee chair

Wednesday Evening Lenten Series

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Each Wednesday during Lent (except Ash Wednesday and Holy week) we will be viewing and discussing the Exodus Story (Chapters 1-15) based on the video series “That the World May Know” featuring historian Ray VanderLaan.

Gather at 6 PM for Soup Supper in the Fellowship Hall, and we will begin the study at about 6:30 PM. We will be complete by 7:15 PM.

Child care will be provided.

“God loves a story. In fact, one could describe the Bible as one story made up of many stories. Yet when we read the Bible, we tend to concentrate on the individual stories without considering how each story fits into and contributes to the greater story that God is unfolding. This is a particularly true story of the exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. God’s protective care for his chosen people thrills us. His demonstrations of power through the plagues and the dividing of the Red Sea amaze us. Yet we seldom consider God’s greater story of which the exodus is but a chapter. So let’s begin by discovering where the story of the exodus fits into that greater story.”

The titles for each week are as follows:
• February 21 – “How Big is Our God” Exodus 1-6
• February 28 –“Israel in Bondage – God Heard Their Cry” Exodus 7-12
• March 7 –“Finger of God – The Plagues” Exodus 13-14
• March 14 –“Watch With Me – Israel Leaves Egypt” – Exodus 13-14
• March 21 –“The LORD Reigns – The Red Sea” – Exodus 15

“I am the LORD who brought you up out of Egypt to be your God; therefore be holy because I am holy”. Leviticus 11:45

Pastors Ponderings – January 2018

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

My sainted SC Dutch (Deutsch) Fork grandmother used to refer to the 6th of January as Old Christmas. Now that — probably unbeknown to her — goes way, way back in Christian history before 25 December was on the calendar as Christmas Day. The Epiphany of Our Lord comes right at the end of the twelve days of Christmas (25 December-5 January). Originally it celebrated Jesus’ birth, the coming of the Magi, Christ’s baptism by John and our Lord’s first miracle at the Cana wedding.

In Gentile Europe Epiphany (the word means “manifestation, showing forth, revealing ‘What Child Is This?’”) began to be associated with the visit of the Magi alone, since they were seen as representatives of all the nations who come to worship the Christ Child. The other events once celebrated on Old Christmas are now observed on the Sundays after Epiphany, with the Transfiguration of Our Lord (one of the greatest epiphanies of all) coming on the last Sunday of the season in the Lutheran tradition.

Epiphany is the first of the two accordion seasons of the Church Year; the second is the season after Pentecost. The length of each depends the on date of Easter. If Easter is early the time after Epiphany is short, and the time after Pentecost is long — and vice versa. Except for the first and last Sundays of both seasons, the liturgical color is green; the first and last Sundays of both seasons are white (for Sundays and Days of special devotion).

Happy Old Christmas/Epiphany! Pr. Clark+

Live Nativity 2017

Sunday, December 24th, 2017
Live Nativity 5.jpg
Live Nativity 6.jpg
Live Nativity 7.jpg
Live Nativity 8.jpg
Live Nativity 9.jpg
Live Nativity 1.jpg
Live Nativity 2.jpg
Live Nativity 3.jpg
Live Nativity 4.jpg
Live Nativity 5.jpg
Live Nativity 6.jpg
Live Nativity 7.jpg
Live Nativity 8.jpg
Live Nativity 9.jpg
Live Nativity 1.jpg
Live Nativity 2.jpg
Live Nativity 3.jpg
Live Nativity 4.jpg
Live Nativity 5.jpg

Photo credit: Alex Hicks – Spartanburg Herald Journal – Used by premission

Jesus is coming!

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

A star has been sighted in the East, and wise men from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Greer responded this morning to prepare the way by erecting a manger where the Christ Child will be laid. While the original biblical Wise Men probably didn’t have power tools, our modern-day versions did, and the work went quickly.

Redeemer Lutheran Church will present the live nativity on December 16th and 17th at 6:30-9 pm with cast members from the church standing in for shepherds, wise men, angels and the Holy Family. The animals will be real. Visitors can drive through, or park and take a more contemplative view.

Here are some photos of a few of the participants:

A Spirit Led Time of Renewal

Monday, August 14th, 2017


September 24 at 11:30 AM is a special event for our congregation. There will be a potluck lunch followed by facilitated small group discussions. Nursery will be provided.

The purpose of this congregational event is for the Office of the Bishop and members of the Congregation to have the opportunity to gather with one another to discuss the Call process and to discover together how God is at work in this congregation during this Spirit Led Time of Renewal. The information shared and collected at this congregational event will be collated and distributed to the Office of the Bishop and will be shared publicly with the members of the congregation through our newsletter. This information becomes part of our Congregational Mission Profile and will be shared with potential candidates who interview with the Call Committee.

There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex to help us plan the quantity of materials to have available.

You can read more about the Call process and the Spirit Led Time of Renewal in this document from the SC Synod.

Calling a new pastor

Monday, July 17th, 2017

imageSouth Carolina Synodical Bishop Herman Yoos will visit Redeemer Lutheran Church on Tuesday, July 18, at 6:30 PM for an important meeting in the life of our congregation. This meeting will prepare the congregation to begin the process of calling a new pastor. All members are urged to attend.

Reception for Pastor Clark Sunday

Friday, May 26th, 2017

imageA reception will be held for Pastor Marion Clark after worship Sunday, May 30 (around 11 am). Pastor Clark, who will serve as interim pastor at Redeemer starting June 25, will preach and conduct the service that day.

Pastor Clark was senior pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Spartanburg until 2002, and served as interim pastor at Redeemer in 2005. He is warmly remembered by those who knew him from that time.

Finger food will be provided by the Church Council.

Garage sale May 13

Monday, May 1st, 2017

imageGarage and Bake Sale Saturday, May 13th in the picnic pavilion starting at 8 AM until early afternoon.

Items have been piling up for nearly a year and the ladies (and maybe the men) of the church will be making delicious baked goods for sale. This is HUGE. Come early for the best selection.

Community Blood Drive–March 26

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Redeemer Lutheran Church is hosting a community blood drive in the afternoon and evening of March 26. Please call the church office at (864) 877-5876 to schedule your time.

We need at least 30 sign-ups for the event.

Update: Thanks to all who made this a successful event.