Here we are at the beginning again

December 23rd, 2010 by re-admin

Pastor Scottie

Another year… Another Advent. We know Christmas is near. And so we wait…. Advent is a time for Christians to focus on the coming of Christ. We once again hear the words of John the Baptist, “… Repent … Prepare the way of the Lord…” (Matt 3:2-3).

I ask you to prayerfully consider the words of Peter in the Holy Bible this Advent. Right from the “get-go,” we hear Peter, a disciple of Jesus, writing to believers in Asia Minor (where the church was expanding rapidly), saying our Lord Jesus Christ has given us “new birth” (1 Pet. 1:3). Then again in v. 23, Peter writes, “For you have been born again (anew)….”

So what’s the message, you may be asking? The words of John the Baptist are clearly words of turning around from darkness to the light of Christ while Peter reminds us to live as children of the light with the anticipation of the fullness of time at Christ’s second coming. As children of God, let us anticipate Christ’s coming by serving our neighbor. As they see the life of Christ in us, they may be inspired to learn more about thus “Jesus” whom we worship.

Consider what God may be saying to you at this Holy Time of the year…. Consider what God may be saying to us as a body of Christ at Redeemer. I pray that we will live in the light of the Holy Spirit’s direction for us. At Christmas, we will once again celebrate the birth of Christ. I pray this is a time of renewal and renewed energy to live with the joy of Christ in your hearts. Receive Christ. Receive joy. Receive peace. Live in the light and there in the light you will find yourself ready for Christ’s return. “Prepare the way of the Lord.” Our hope is in Christ.

Be encouraged,