Wednesday Evening Lenten Series

February 28th, 2018 by re-admin

Each Wednesday during Lent (except Ash Wednesday and Holy week) we will be viewing and discussing the Exodus Story (Chapters 1-15) based on the video series “That the World May Know” featuring historian Ray VanderLaan.

Gather at 6 PM for Soup Supper in the Fellowship Hall, and we will begin the study at about 6:30 PM. We will be complete by 7:15 PM.

Child care will be provided.

“God loves a story. In fact, one could describe the Bible as one story made up of many stories. Yet when we read the Bible, we tend to concentrate on the individual stories without considering how each story fits into and contributes to the greater story that God is unfolding. This is a particularly true story of the exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. God’s protective care for his chosen people thrills us. His demonstrations of power through the plagues and the dividing of the Red Sea amaze us. Yet we seldom consider God’s greater story of which the exodus is but a chapter. So let’s begin by discovering where the story of the exodus fits into that greater story.”

The titles for each week are as follows:
• February 21 – “How Big is Our God” Exodus 1-6
• February 28 –“Israel in Bondage – God Heard Their Cry” Exodus 7-12
• March 7 –“Finger of God – The Plagues” Exodus 13-14
• March 14 –“Watch With Me – Israel Leaves Egypt” – Exodus 13-14
• March 21 –“The LORD Reigns – The Red Sea” – Exodus 15

“I am the LORD who brought you up out of Egypt to be your God; therefore be holy because I am holy”. Leviticus 11:45